Hyderabad locals can now file FIRs with patrol officers

 Telangana | Written by : IANS Updated: Mon, Jan 06, 2020, 04:27 PM

Hyderabad, Jan 6 (IANS) Under a citizen-friendly initiative launched by the Hyderabad Police in the new year, a citizen need not visit a police station to get a case registered as he can do the same with the patrolling personnel in their neighbourhood.

Patrolling vehicles will turn into a sort of mobile police stations as the people can approach them to give their complaints.

Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar said that one can give a complaint in writing with address and mobile number to the patrol car officers of the area concerned for getting a case registered. "For registration of FIR you need not come to the police station," the police chief said.

Earlier, the people had to visit a police station to lodge a complaint and get a First Information Report (FIR) done. The new initiative is expected to make the process hassle-free for the people as they can approach the nearest patrolling vehicle in their neighbourhood. This is expected to help people save time and also will be useful for the women and senior citizens who may find it difficult to reach the police station.

Citizens can get the mobile phone numbers of police patrol vehicle in their neighbourhood on the 'Hawk Eye', an app of the Hyderabad Police or the police website. They can also get the contact numbers from 'Dial 100' or local police station.

There are 60 police stations under the limits of the Hyderabad Police commissionerate and they have 120 patrolling vehicles, each vehicle with 2-3 personnel.